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To all Petanque Players

This message is from the PFA Board of Directors.

The PFA Board strongly encourages all Petanque Players to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at their earliest possible opportunity, accepting that for a very few individuals, this may not be medically indicated.

The PFA Board also asks Clubs to implement at all times, the relevant hygiene and safety measures required by their State Government, including, where appropriate, the correct use of QR Code services, social distancing, and infection control measures and to check with their local Government Authority if in any doubt.

As there are ongoing discussions at State and Federal Government levels about COVID-19 passports and relaxing restrictions, the PFA Board expects every Player to be aware of the precise conditions within their own locality, throughout their own State and, in particular, across State borders, if they wish to travel to play Petanque. Please ensure that if you intend to cross State borders, you obtain well in advance, the correct authorisation for both the outward journey and the return journey.

In any instance where a Player pays the required fee to play in a Petanque Event, and for reasons beyond their control due to COVID-19 restrictions, cannot get to the venue, we ask Clubs and State Leagues to commit to ensuring a refund of their registration fee.

The PFA Board asks all Players to play their part in minimising harm and reducing risk to others where possible, and please, do not attend any Petanque activity, at your home Club or any other Club, if you are feeling unwell.

Please stay safe, and keep others safe.


Peter Wells Rosemary Wall

Secretary, PFA President, PFA

M: 0407 302 308


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