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PFA have announced its interstates competition on September 9th and 10th 2023 in Newcastle NSW.

We are now seeking expressions of interest for this for our WA team.

We are looking to fill the following formations.

2x teams of 3 men 3 women ( with possible reserves).

2 teams for the open and no veterans.

There is no age limit to teams.

PFA are trial ling this for this year due to last year not getting enough open teams. This way each state can register 2 teams with no restrictions on age in either team.

If you would like to be selected please see your club PWA rep and ask them to submit your name and division.

From this list our state coach Vikram Ramjuttun will process its team selection and provide training prior departure.

Please note that a veteran can play in open division but an open can not play in veteran division.

Good luck to all players putting in their names.

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