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Notice to PFA LIcenced Players: Non-Sanctioned Petanque Competition, New Caledonia

There is a Petanque competition “La Caledonienne” proposed to be held in New Caledonia on the 8th and 9th of February 2020. PFA has been advised by the President of the New Caledonian League, that this is a non-sanctioned event and that there will be no umpire present. They have also advised us that they have contacted FPF and the FIPJP and requested that sanctions be imposed on players who take part in this competition.

In view of the information provided by the New Caledonian League, we must advise all players planning to compete in this event that they will do so at their own risk, as they will not be covered by the PFA insurance when competing in this event. They also risk the possibility of sanctions being imposed by the FIPJP.

Joe Corcoran

President PFA

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