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THIRD-PARTY SOFTWARE NOTICES This file is based on or incorporates material from the projects listed below (Third Party Code). The original copyright notice and the license under which Microsoft received such Third Party Code, are set forth below. Such licenses and notices are provided for informational purposes only. Microsoft licenses the Third Party Code to you under the licensing terms for the Microsoft product. Microsoft reserves all other rights not expressly granted under this agreement, whether by implication, estoppel or otherwise. You may find a copy of the Corresponding Source code, if and as required under the Third Party Code License, either bundled with the Microsoft product or at If not bundled with the product, you may also obtain a copy of the source code for a period of one year after our last shipment of this product. ============= tslib v1.9.3 - Microsoft Corp. - Apache-2.0 license ( satcheljs v4.0.0-beta2 - MIT license mobx v4.5.2 - Michel Weststrate - MIT license ( react v16.8.4 - MIT license ( @uifabric/merge-styles v6.16.2 - MIT license ( @uifabric/utilities v6.35.2 - MIT license ( querystring-es3 v0.2.1 - Irakli Gozalishvili <> - MIT license (git:// core-js v2.5.6 - MIT license ( webpack v4.28.3 - Tobias Koppers @sokra - MIT license ( react-dom v16.8.4 - MIT license ( node-libs-browser v2.1.0 - Tobias Koppers @sokra - MIT license (git+ mobx-react v5.2.8 - Michel Weststrate - MIT license ( css-loader v0.28.11 - Tobias Koppers @sokra - MIT license @microsoft/loader-load-themed-styles v1.5.1 - MIT license memory-cache v0.2.0 - Paul Tarjan <> - BSD-2-Clause license (git:// office-ui-fabric-react v6.162.0 - MIT license ( js-cookie v2.1.3 - Klaus Hartl - MIT license (git:// object-assign v4.1.1 - Sindre Sorhus - MIT license @uifabric/styling v6.45.1 - MIT license ( ts-md5 v1.2.0 - MIT license (git+ @uifabric/set-version v1.1.3 - MIT license ( raf v3.4.0 - Chris Dickinson <> - MIT license (git:// performance-now v2.1.0 - Braveg1rl <> - MIT license (git:// whatwg-fetch v1.1.1 - MIT license punycode v1.4.1 - Mathias Bynens - MIT license ( scheduler v0.13.4 - MIT license ( classnames v2.2.4 - Jed Watson - MIT license ( prop-types v15.6.2 - MIT license babel-runtime v6.26.0 - Sebastian McKenzie <> - MIT license react-inspector v2.3.1 - Xiaoyi Chen <> ( - MIT license ( @uifabric/fluent-theme v0.1.7 - MIT license ( mobx-react-devtools v4.2.15 - Michel Weststrate - MIT license ( adal-angular v1.0.15 - Microsoft - Apache-2.0 license ( regenerator-runtime v0.11.1 - Ben Newman <> - MIT license ( is-dom v1.0.9 - MIT license @uifabric/foundation v0.7.2 - MIT license ( @uifabric/icons v6.5.0 - MIT license ( click here to view the PWA Funding Application Form for selected Petanque Players representing Australia or State.

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