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Players may be aware that following the recent State Inter-Club competition, in which La Maison de France club was initially declared the winner, a protest was lodged with PWA by Bayswater Petanque Club who is the runners-up. The matter was referred to Petanque Federation Australia which advised that, according to accepted competition format, the win should be given to Bayswater Petanque Club as Bayswater had more match/round wins (3) than LMDF (2). On top of it, Bayswater Club had an Average of (+61) against LMDF an Average of (+59). Both clubs have been notified accordingly.

So that such a situation does not occur again, PWA has now resolved that future flyers for the State Inter-Club competition will clearly set out the competition format rules to be followed in determining the competition winners. This will make the determination clear to all parties and help shorten time required to announce the outcome on the day.

Bayswater Petanque Club is declared the winner and LMDF is the Runner-Up.

Congratulations to Bayswater Petanque Club.

PWA would like to thank all participating WA Clubs as it was a great weekend of competition where all the players participating did their best to defend their respective clubs.

Petanque WA.

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