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Australia was invited to attend the Thailand International Open from 26th July to 1st August 2018 in Krabi, Thailand. For the Men we sent Stephane Guitierres, Jan Marc Allegret, Pascal Dufroux (all Qld) and the Women had four being Deb Rodda, Selina Dally (SA) Christine Caseris (WA), Cathy Ayre (NSW). Attendees were Nepal, Malaysia, China, Taipei, Czechs, Thailand and Australia. Training was conducted elsewhere for developing teams, Hong Kong, Iran, Nepal. 5 rounds of friendly games were held with a mix of countries playing together. Australia cracked 5 medals (1-2-3) women and 2-3 (men). Day 2 was shooting with Stephane scoring 21 and 35 but needed 75 to qualify 8th. Selina qualified 8th of 14 but was eliminated 20 -14. Both 1st timers with the mat. In the main event, in the triples, Australian men in Div 1 (6 teams) was 2-2 and qualified 4th losing on delta for 3rd. Played Thailand 1 and ran them to 13-12. That was only equaled by Malaysia in the final. The Men lost the 1/4 final and finished 8th overall. Played in a Consolante “Nations Cup” but unlucky in narrow losses. The Australian women won 3-3 to qualify 4th of 8 teams and played Krabi players in the National squad. Score was at 5-5 but 2 bad ends cost them 5 points and eventually went down 13-6. Beating the Czechs 13-6 was their best game as were down 6-0. So they finished 3rd and received a sizeable trophy for their work. Congratulation and well done!