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Some members have queried regarding the FIPJP recommendation on the sale of alcohol during a competition, which appeared on the PFA newsletter under the “Rules” heading. This item should have appeared separately under the heading” News from the FIPJP” or something similar, as it does not refer to the rules of the sport.

We wish to clarify the PFA position on the matter, it is a recommendation from the FIPJP which the PFA Board acknowledges and is similar to the policy PFA has applied in its recent events.

  • Trans-Tasman series in Adelaide early this year

  • Easter carnival Melbourne

The PFA local rule is clear


No alcohol can be brought onto the piste or consumed during a game.

Umpires must apply the rules as set up by PFA but in no case are they to be involved in the general running of the club.

We sure all of us will agree that the recommendation is plain good sense if we want to display a good image of our Sport as requested by the FIPJP, along with smoking, excessive alcohol consumption is more of a turn off for some, particularly families with younger players and doesn’t help clubs trying to increase their membership.

Let’s not argue further about this recommendation, most clubs have a Responsible Service of Alcohol policy and their committee members will address the situation in a manner that suits the needs of their club.

PFA Board

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