PWA State Shooters was held on Sunday 7th March 2021. This competition was hosted by Dodo Petanque Club but held at Subiaco Petanque Club . Congratulations to all winners and all those who participated.

Results as follows:

Mens Open

1st: Walter Lubstchenko

2nd: Nuvish Atchamah

3rd: Mathieu Faure-Geors


Womens Open

1st: Vidya Ramjuttun

2nd: Christine Caseris

3rd: Lynn Chegwidden



1st: Reece Leggo

2nd: Krishika Ramjuttun


Mens Over 60's

1st: Anton Wieland

2nd: Ian Rusell-Brown

3rd: George Savage


Women Over 60's

1st: Monique Tourneur

2nd: Helen Bayet

3rd: Jennifer Silva




PWA State Triples Championship 2021 was played on Sunday 28 March at La Maison De France Club Lake Monger. What a great Petanque competition and the weather was nice, but a bit hot. Good atmosphere amongst players and spectators. Lots of cheers during the finals of games and thank you for supporting our Petanque Players who were showing their skills. Congratulations to all and well done. Petanque WA would like to thank you all for your participation and support.


Results as follows:

Mens Main Final

1st: Mathieu Faure-Geors, Jevin Cadapen & Nuvish Atchamah

2nd: Xavier Fernandez, Gilbert Baatard & Walter Lubtschenko

3rd: Vikram Ramjuttun, Vikram Khadaroo & Rama Sanyasi

4th: Rajou Gurroby, Yves Najar & Nitish Digpaul


Mens Challenge

1st: Rajiv Sanashee, Suren Appadoo & Ravin Parianen

2nd: John Exeter, Marek Grinski & Nick Siciliano

3rd: Gilbert Tourneur, Jocelyn Brunet & Vijay Baree Sunnyasi

4th: Brian Chegwidden, Claude Minuta, Vince Minuta


Mens Consolante

1st: George Savage, Colin Robinson & Eric Carbonell

2nd: John Ramnath P Seboruth, Arnaud Virassamy & Nicholas Baptiste

3rd: Davissen Soopramanien, Vick Ramroop & Krisna Gorayah


Womens Main Final

1st: Christine Caseris, Monique Tourneur & Vidya Ramjuttun

2nd: Helen Bayet, Fayhe Hide & Margaret McCormick

3rd: Sylvia Baatard, Lynn Chegwidden & Sonja Wieland

4th: Kim Douglas, Jennifer Silva & Sue Dauth