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PWA Awards Presentation 2022 was held on Sunday 11th December at Subiaco Petanque Club.

It was great to see so many from our Petanque community attending this event.

This event was an opportunity to all our Petanque Players to get together in a great atmosphere of friendship, sharing some food & drinks offered by PWA.

It was also to acknowledge the players of year after competing in various competitions throughout the year. We were blessed by the weather and those who attended had a great day of celebration.

See below results from the ladder - Players of the Year 2022:


Men Open:

Winner: Vickram Ramjuttun

2nd Place: Nuvish Atchamah

3rd Place: Vick Ramroop


Women Open:

Winner: Vidya Atchamah

2nd Place: Hina Vert

3rd Place: Khrishika Ramjuttun


Men Veterans:

Winner: George Savage

2nd Place: Gilbert Baatard & Andre Gouttenoire

3rd Place: Vince Minuta


Women Veterans:

Winner: Emma Isliker

2nd Place: Karen Girardin

3rd Place: Sue Dauth


Congratulations to all top winners and also to the winners of various competitions 2022 who received their Prizes - Trophies and Medals.

Now that we are in festive season, PWA would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2023.



PWA State Veterans Triples was held on Sunday 16th October 2022 at Subiaco Petanque Club. We were blessed with great weather and the competition was run smoothly. The competition was played very well, respectful and in a great sporting manner.

Congratulations to all and PWA would like to thank you all for your participation.


Congratulations to both Emma Ilisker and George Savage on being ranked the top veterans for 2022.

Please click below to view ranking results.

Mens ranking results

Womens ranking results

Results as follows
1st: Gilbert Baatard, Andre Gouttenoire & Vince Minuta
2nd: John Exeter, Nick Siciliano & Marek Glinski
3rd: George Savage, Peter Middleton & Robert Dunlop
4th: Ian Russell-Brown, Anton Wieland & Jocelyn Brunet
5th: Walter Lubtschenko, Richard Taylor & Michael Willis
6th: Jerry Boyd, Arthur Crowther & Peter Taylor


1st: Emma Isliker, Valerie Gridley & Karen Girardin

2nd: Helen Bayet, Fayhe Hide & Margaret McCormick

3rd: Sue Dauth, Kim Douglas & Jennifer Silva

4th: Amanda Taylor, Ethel Crowther & Patricia Marshall

5th: Sylvia Baatard, Claudia Van Schellebeeck & Armande Pierre

6th: Christine Savage, Julie Wright & Vlasta Thomas



Results from the Interstate Challenge held at Mt Martha in Melbourne Victoria on 27th-28th of August 2022.



1st: SA, 2nd: VIC, 3rd: NSW



1st: VIC, 2nd: ACT, 3rd: WA

Congratulations to all !





PWA State Interclub was held on Sunday 21st August 2022 at Bayswater Petanque Club. It was great to see all WA Clubs participating and all players wearing their respective uniforms to where they belong. We were blessed with the weather and lucky to have a fantastic day of Petanque competition. It was also great to see the players defending their respective clubs, trying to perform to their best abilities to win the cup 2022. Unfortunately, the rules say that there will be only a Winner. Congratulations to all.

Results as follows

Winner: La Maison De France Club

2nd Place: Dodo Petanque Club

3rd Place: Subiaco Petanque Club

4th Place: Clochemerle Petanque Club

5th Place: Bayswater Petanque Club

6th Place: Safety Bay Petanque Club

Congratulations to La Maison De France Club, winning the Championship for the second time. Back to back winner, two consecutive years. Well done!

PWA would like thank all clubs and players for their participation, to make such a great day of Petanque competition.

And would like to thank Bayswater Petanque Club for hosting the competition and the President - Genevieve Cornell offering a lovely lunch and snacks for the day.



PWA State Doubles 2022 was held on Sunday 7th August. We were anxious to see if that will really happen of the rain on the night before and with the continuous showers before the start of the game. Afterwards we were blessed with the weather and sunshine came back, managed to finish off the competition. Congratulations to all.


Results as follows

Men's Main Final:

1st Place: Arnaud Virassamy & Prakash Seboruth

2nd Place: Barlen Maurey & Avinash Ramjuttun

3rd Place: Alain Migliore & Walter Lubtschenko

Vick Ramroop & Krisna Gorayah


Men's Challenge:

1st Place: Vickram Ramjuttun & Nuvish Atchamah

2nd Place: Dominic Welsh & George Savage

3rd Place: John Exeter & Nick Siciliano

4th Place: Michel Pauley & Jacques Guyonnet

Men's Consolante:

1st Place: Gilbert Baatard & Andre Gouttenoire

2nd Place: Rajiv Sanashee & Charles Jodun

3rd Place: Eric Carbonell & Anton Wieland


Women's Final:

1st Place: Christine Caseris & Hina Vert

2nd Place: Helen Bayet & Mary Ann Rath

3rd Place: Kim Douglas & Sue Dauth

4th Place: Margaret McCormick & Vidya Ramjuttun

5th Place: Jennifer Silva & Karen Girardin

6th Place: Jemma Carbonell & Claudia Van Schellebeeck




PWA State Singles for Men and Women was played at Subiaco Petanque Club on Sunday 5 June 2022. It was great to see a good turnout of players again this year - 29 Men and 10 Women. Congratulations to Krisna Gorayah who won the Men State title against Prem Ramjuttun and in the ladies, Khrisika Ramjuttun won against Sue Dauth. Congratulations to all.


Results as follows

Men Main Final:

1st: Krisna Gorayah

2nd: Prem Ramjuttun

3rd: Suren Appadoo

4th: Barlen Maurey

Men Challenge:

1st: Vickram Ramjuttun

2nd: Nick Siciliano

3rd: Reece Leggo

4th: Mathieu Faure-Geors

Men Convivial:

1st: Dylan Caseris

2nd: Vick Ramroop

3rd: Cody Vujcic

4th: Brian Chegwidden

Men Consolante:

1st: Nuvish Atchamah

2nd: Avinash Ramjuttun

3rd: Alain Migliore

Women Main Final:

1st: Khrisika Ramjuttun

2nd: Sue Dauth

3rd: Vidya Ramjuttun

4th: Hina Vert

Women Challenge:

1st: Helen Bayet

2nd: Sylvia Baatard

3rd: Jennifer Silva

4th: Sonja Wieland

Women Consolante:

1st: Margaret McCormick

2nd: Stephanie Corcoran.




PWA State Mixed Doubles 2022 was played on Sunday 29 May at Safety Bay Petanque Club. It was a great competition and produced some competitive games. Also, a final well disputed and those who stayed at the end, have enjoyed the final. PWA would like to thank all participants as it was a good crowd. Congratulations to all.

Results as follows


Main Final:

1st: Vick Ramroop & Hina Vert

2nd: Vikram Ramjuttun & Khrisika Ramjuttun

3rd: Michael Kieselbach & Sonja Wieland

4th: Nuvish Atchamah & Vidya Ramjuttun



1st: Brian Chegwidden & Sylvia Baatard

2nd: Anton Wieland & Jemma Carbonell

3rd: David Yue Chun & Helen Bayet

4th: Davissen Soopramanien & Fayhe Hide



Exco 1st: Gilbert Baatard & Karen Girardin

& Avinash Ramjuttun & Kim Douglas

3rd: Barlen Maurey & Olivia Carbonell




PWA State Men & Women Veterans Doubles was played on Sunday 10th April 2022 Clochemerle Petanque Club in Guildford. Not many participants, but it was a pleasant day and well disputed. A great day of Petanque competition and towards the end we had some showers, but did not affect the games. PWA would like to thank Clochemerle Club for hosting the competition and all participants. Congratulations to all.

Please click here to view ranking and points.

Results as follows


1st: Gilbert Tourneur & Charles Jodun

2nd: George Savage & Walter Lubtschenko

3rd: Gilbert Baatard & Andre Gouttenoire

4th: Vince Minuta & Claude Minuta

5th: John Exeter & Nick Siciliano

6th: Michael Willis & Richard Taylor



1st: Emma Isliker & Karen Girardin

2nd: Monique Tourneur & Jennifer Silva

3rd: Helen Bayet & Fayhe Hide

4th: Sylvia Baatard & Margaret McCormick

5th: Kim Douglas & Sue Dauth





It was actually an amazing day at the State Triples played on Sunday 27 March 2022 at Bayswater Petanque Club.

We had great competitive games during the day and saw well deserved winning teams in both categories.

A big thank you to Bayswater Petanque Club for hosting the Triples Championship.

Congratulations to all and well done.

Results as follows

Men Open -

1st: John Exeter, Brian Chegwidden & Nick Siciliano

2nd: Ian Rusell-Brown, Anton Wieland & Rama Sanyasi

3rd: Eric Carbonell, Barlen Maurey & Avinash Ramjuttun

4th : David Yue Chun, Davissen Soopramanien & Prakash Seboruth


Men Challenge -

1st: Vivian Lindor, Nicholas Baptiste & Suren Appadoo

2nd: Gilbert Tourneur, Jocelyn Brunet & Yves Najar

3rd: Michael Kieselbach, Gilbert Baatard & Andre Gouttenoire

4th: Rajiv Sanashee, Charles Jodun & Alain Migliore


Men Consolante -

1st: Vick Ramroop, Vickram Ramjuttun & Alain Gooriah


Women Open -

1st: Christine Caseris, Hina Vert & Vidya Ramjuttun

2nd: Emma Isliker, Val Gridley & Karen Girardin

3rd: Jennifer Silva, Khrishika Ramjuttun & Sue Dauth

4th: Helen Bayet, Fayhe Hide & Margaret McCormick

5th: Sylvia Baatard, Sonja Wieland & Monique Tourneur



PWA Shooters Competition was held today on Sunday 27th February at Subiaco Club. It has been a long day and the weather was not pleasant for the participants as the heat was manifesting in the afternoon. The day of this competition has produced some excellent and high results, especially in the Men Open - Jevin Cadapen scoring 40 Points and in the Juniors - Khrishika Ramjuttun scoring 22 Points. Jevin and Khishika now are qualified to participate in the Nationals this Easter period in Adelaide representing WA, provided they go there.
Congratulations to all and PWA would like to thank you all for your participation.

Results as follows
Men Open:
1st: Jevin Cadapen (40 Points)
2nd: Prakash Seboruth
3rd: Avinash Ramjuttun
4th: Kris Gorayah
5th: Davissen Soopramanien
6th: Barlen Maurey
7th: Rama Sanyasi
8th: Vivian Lindor


Women Open:
1st: Vidya Ramjuttun (8 Points)

Men Veterans:
1st: George Savage (13 Points)
2nd: Anton Wieland
3rd: Ian Russell-Brown
4th: Colin Robinson

Women Veterans:
1st: Monique Tourneur (18 points)
2nd: Emma Isliker
3rd: Sue Dauth

1st: Khrishika Ramjuttun (22 Points)
2nd Place: Reece Leggo


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